Unit 4 Produce and present final graphic outcomes

Unit Summary:

In this unit, learners will plan for production of their final work using developed ideas. Learners will produce their final work showing a basic level of skill using materials and techniques. Learners will also review the whole design process.

The learner will:

understand the processes needed for production of final graphic products.

The learner can:

1.1 outline a work schedule for production of final work
1.2 use developed ideas to inform production of final work
1.3 produce the final graphic work showing a basic level of skill using materials and techniques
1.4 apply health and safety procedures where relevant
1.5 demonstrate skills to present final work in an appropriate context
1.6 assess final work

Delivery and assessment:

The working plan should have been largely completed, enabling learners to carry out the final work to meet the requirements of the design brief. The preparation for production of the final work should be adequate, and the level of skill achieved should allow learners to complete the task and fulfil the needs of the design brief. The evaluation should demonstrate that learners have made some links between their own work and the work of others and that some connections have been made between intentions and outcomes. The evaluation should also show some ability to support opinions using a specialist vocabulary. Annotation will provide some assessment evidence.

Download the Unit 4 task sheet document below and then re-upload it to this website page once it’s completed.

The document includes the below 6 tasks:

(You will also need to document  your work taking photos and then upload these photos using the upload link below – make sure you label all your work).

Task 1
Create a work production schedule. 

Task 2
Developed ideas to inform the production of final work.

Task 3
Final graphic work.

Task 4
H&S and Risk Assessment document.

Task 5
Presentation of final work.

Task 6
Report on your production.