Unit 3 Explore and develop graphic design ideas

Unit Summary:

In this unit, learners will use a range of sources to inform ideas in response to the design brief and will use visual techniques to propose alternative ideas in response to feedback and constraints. Learners will also develop an idea using different ways of working.

The learner will:

understand how personal ideas can be developed and what factors affect those ideas.

The learner can:

1.1 use a range of visual techniques to develop and prepare alternative ideas in response to the design brief
1.2 demonstrate alternative ideas and solutions in response to external factors
1.3 apply health and safety procedures where relevant

Delivery and assessment:

The Tutor may guide work, and learners may mainly work with ongoing supervision and support. Learners should be able to use given starting points and sources although they may use mostly secondary sources. Learners should be encouraged to demonstrate a range of ideas and fully develop their work. Learners should be able to develop ideas with advice and support, working within clear, given parameters. They should demonstrate the importance of working to targets. Learners should record and reflect on developments, adapting work as needed, although the adaptations may be minimal. They should be encouraged to use specialist vocabulary to support their opinions. Annotation will provide some assessment evidence.

Download the Unit 3 task sheet document below and then re-upload it to this website page once it’s completed.

The document includes the below 4 tasks:

(You will also need to document  your work taking photos and then upload these photos using the upload link below – make sure you label all your work).

Task 1
Mock designs and colours

Task 2
Design process and techniques.

Task 3
Promotional items.

Task 4
H&S plan.