Unit 2 Explore sources of ideas in a graphic design context

Unit Summary:

In this unit, learners will explore the contexts in which graphic design solutions are produced and identify influences in the development of graphic design solutions.

The learner will:

understand how sources of ideas are used in a graphic design context.

The learner can:

1.1 use a range of primary and secondary graphic sources to generate ideas for development
1.2 outline the contexts in which graphic design solutions are produced
1.3 identify influences in the development of graphic design solutions
1.4 select ideas for development
1.5 apply health and safety procedures

Delivery and assessment:

There may be a limited exploration/collection of source material, which supports the work for the design brief. Learners should demonstrate basic creativity in their use of sources, and may rely on secondary graphic sources. Annotation will provide assessment evidence of the exploration of the contexts of graphic products. Learners should make links between their own work and the sources; they aren’t required to investigate these links fully but should make some connections between intentions and outcomes. The recording of responses to sources should be sufficient to communicate observations, experiences and ideas appropriate to intentions.

Download the Unit 2 task sheet document below and then re-upload it to this website page once it’s completed.

The document includes the below 8 tasks:

(You will also need to document  your work taking photos and then upload these photos using the upload link below – make sure you label all your work).

Task 1
Write a report about an artist/designer that has inspired you in the past, this could be unrelated to a logo – but this report could inspire your future ideas when creating your logo.

Task 2
Recreating a piece of artists/designers work.

Task 3
Looking back at the history of logo design.

Task 4
Make a timeline of famous graphic designers and their work also the materials and software that was available throughout the ages.

Task 5
Thinking about your final logo design, how do you think you want to work? What software do you want to use? What influences have inspired you?

Task 6
Write a little H&S report below – look around at your environment and decide how you and others will stay safe in the production of work.