Unit 1 Explore graphic processes, materials and techniques

Unit Summary:

In this unit, learners will explore a range of graphic design elements, materials and terminology and will identify suitable techniques and processes in response to a given design brief. Learners will explore and develop basic design skills using graphic design techniques and processes appropriate to the design.

The learner will:

Be able to apply graphic processes, materials and resources.

The learner can:

1.1 explore a range of graphic design solutions, visual elements and terminology
1.2 use graphic materials, techniques and processes to develop a basic level of skill
1.3 identify the graphic materials, techniques, characteristics, processes and equipment suitable for a particular purpose and the reasons for using these
1.4 define the design brief and its requirements
1.5 apply health and safety procedures

Delivery and assessment:

Exploration of visual/tactile qualities of materials and processes will be mostly Tutor led. Some learners might not make extensive explorations, or be fully able to organise their work. Information which learners may keep separate as a general resource, eg typeface examples, qualities of materials, instructions for using processes, or on procedures for health and safety, should be assessed with practical work. There should be sufficient resource information to guide the practical work of the learners. Annotation provides some assessment evidence. There may be inconsistencies in the learners’ demonstration of skill. The level of skill achieved should allow the learners to complete the task and fulfil the needs of the design brief. Learners are not required to bring together skills and ideas in their exploratory investigations but should make some connections between intentions and outcomes.

Download the Unit 1 task sheet document below and then re-upload it to this website page once it’s completed.

The document includes the below 8 tasks:

(You will also need to document  your work taking photos and then upload these photos using the upload link below – make sure you label all your work).

Task 1
4 examples of existing esports business and team logos that you find appealing.

Task 2
How do you think these logos could have been created? Explore graphic design software and let us know the pros and cons of different applications.

Task 3
After exploring design applications, what design terminology did you hear of and what does it mean?

Task 4
Play around with graphic design software and decide which application is best for you. Write a little report (500 words max) about your findings.

Task 5
Draw out a few logo design samples that match the design brief. First use sketches, then recreate these sketches on computer software or scan your design for use in the software application.

Task 6
Write a small report about your photo diary, include information about the filters you used, the materials, the mixed media types, manipulation you used and how you found the process overall.

Task 7
Looking at the design brief

Task 8
Explain how you keep safe when working in a designers environment.